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Horror Hunt #26 (August 2020)

[14] Watch a flick with an artist protagonist or antagonist, they can be a painter, sculptor, dancer, musician, singer, actor, or anything in between

What the fuck. Peter just wanted to smoke weed with that girl from his class but then the absolute fuckery of his family turns him into the avatar of a demon (who will certainly NOT smoke weed with any girl from any class). I dunno, this got me really emotional for some reason.. #SavePeter

Is it possible for a movie to have too many plot twists? After watching Hereditary I am inclined to say yes. I was SO invested in this when it was just about a family being overwhelmed by an impossible amount of grief but then after a while there are so many twists and turns about possessions and demons and whatever and you find yourself wondering if you're watching a cutscene compilation of a very spiritual Metal Gear Solid-game (which to be fair are way lighter on plot twists than this film). I guess what really turned me of about all these twists and turns are that they lessen the emotional connection established earlier in the film. How can I possibly care when the family just turn out to be pawns in some ridiculous granny cult?

So I mean despite the absurd plot progression there is plenty to like here. I loved the miniatures and how the real world was occasionally made to look like a miniature set. As mentioned earlier I loved the early parts of the film where everyone is blaming each other for the death of the daughter and you can just feel the household falling apart. In regards to that though, I question the parenting of anyone who sends their 13-year old daughter along with their 16-old year son to a party. Even a calm party with 16-year old teenagers is no place for a 13-year old.. I guess this movie is kind of stupid in several ways huh? But there are some qualities along the way regardless.

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