Possessor ★★★★★

The Podcast Macabre 2021 Horror Challenge

52. Film from 2020 or 2021

David Cronenberg must be such a proud papa when he sees what his son is accomplishing out there. Brandon Cronenberg's Possessor is the type of dystopian sci-fi chiller that crawls under your skin and makes you think that maybe our future is anything but bright.

In an alternate version of the year 2008 we follow a hired gun who carry out her hits by mentally hijacking the bodies of certain people in order to stage plausible accidents or passionate murders on targets. It is a messy business and of course there are some moral issues that flare up when you just invade people's bodies like that. One particular hit turns out to be particularly complicated, especially when the owner of the hijacked body begins to fight back. Who am I and who are you? Identity can be a fickle little thing.. Especially when we give ourselves up to the mercy of technology.

I was instantly thrown into this dystopian alternate world and I was instantly engrossed by it. The body hijacking leads to some deeply unsettling sequences as the mental strain of pretending to be another person make the body and mind break apart in ways that I'm pretty sure only a Cronenberg could think of. Apart from that whole business there is also deliciously evil pieces of dystopian world building to gander at, like the strange factory workplace where people are hooked up to VR headsets in order to spy on people's homes and categorize their furniture and house decorations. The sign of a great high concept sci-fi film is when I want to see more of the film's world once the credits roll and that rings true here. Like, what other demented things are hidden within this world and what anxieties will they awaken within me?

Gnarly, messed up and dripping with a menacing dystopian mood. Possessor hits all the right spots for me and now I am very eager to watch Brandon's Antiviral as well.

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