Pro-Life ★★

Horror Hunt #43 (January 2022)

16. John Carpenter

A teenage girl is on the run from her deeply religious family. She has gotten pregnant somehow, and she ain't having none of that. Luckily for her an abortion clinic is within convenient running distance! But her father (Ron Perlman of all people) is not far behind and he will use VIOLENCE and THE WILL OF GOD to bring his little girl and her unborn child back home. Oh, and the baby may be a bit monstrous. Go figure..

You can almoooost recognize a good Carpenter film here. There is something going on here, with a fun villain performance by Ron Perlman, some sweet monster designs towards the end and... uh... Ok, maybe those two things are the only things this has going for it, but they really help this from being a total failure. And this would still be a better end to Carpenter's career than whatever the fuck The W*rd was. And it also has a merciful runtime of less than an hour, even if it felt like it was way longer.

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