Wolf ★★

HORRORx52 (2019)

20. A Horror released in the year you were born.

Laura: I should probably not hang out with this weird guy who is like 20 years older than me and chains himself up to a radiator after being bitten by a wild animal.

Will: I am actually a pretty cool guy.


Weird relationships aside this was just kind off boring to me. Jack Nicholson as a werewolf sounds like a killer concept but sadly this film has some odd priorites when dealing with the werewolf myth. I can't say that I've ever seen a werewolf film dealing with the whole thing of urinating to mark a territory before so A+ for creativity I suppose. But there doesn't seem to be a proper focus on either the horror or the tragedy, which most good werewolf films deal with. An aging man finding new succes in a cutthroat business at a price after gaining beastlike virility and strength could be a cool modern take on the punished man fighting against the werewolf curse but then there is so much focus put on that weird relationship and I just ask myself why.

The scenes where Nicholson goes into wolf mode also fails to deliver due to a underwhelming makeup and a perverted overusage of slow-mo, this film is probably like 20 minutes long if you change all the slow-mo shots to normal speed. There was an allegedly cool werewolf fight near the end that a lot of people hyped up but it just made me laugh honestly, a flying wolfman coming at you with a pair of garden shears (in sloooooow motiooooon) is not all that frightening.

But despite my grievances I can't deny that Jack Nicholson delivers as usual even when he is clearly not putting in his A-game. He actually manages to take a poorly executed concept and make it bearable with some smug lines here and there. Were it not for him this would probably be a long forgotten relic of 90's horror.

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