• The Square

    The Square


    Watched this for class. Trying to make sense of all the Danish dialogue without any subtitles proved to be the greatest challenge of my education so far.

  • Cruising



    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    22. Featuring cast member from TV Show I watched recently (Ed O'Neill from Married with Children)

    Bless Ed "Al Bundy" O'Neill for steering me towards this thing!

    A nasty serial killer is targeting the gay community of New York. Detective Al Pacino is sent in undercover to try and catch the murderer in action. Navigating the busy queer nightlife of NY proves to be quite an undertaking, and quite the stylish thrill for a…

  • The Turnpike Killer

    The Turnpike Killer


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    21. Grey in the poster (because my car is grey)

    You know what? This may be a cheap and underwhelming serial killer flick, but it sure as hell manages to deliver the sleaze that you'd expect based on that remarkable poster. When it wants to, this film actually manages to emulate bits and pieces of the unnerving energy that can be found in it's obvious inspirations (Maniac, Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer and…

  • Beyond Dreams

    Beyond Dreams


    What a relief to get to this high energy coming-of-age story after suffering through the pretentious wankfest known as The Swedish Theory of Love. Beyond Dreams is an affective film, dealing with the crushing pressure of trying to live life on multiple fronts, and not really knowing which way is the right one to go.

    The film concerns Mirja, a young woman who has just gotten out of prison. Now a free woman, she is presented with two potential ways…

  • The Swedish Theory of Love

    The Swedish Theory of Love

    Are Swedes lonely? According to this pretentious and obnoxious documentary, we are!

    Alright, look. I think I will call bullshit on this whole thing. A recurring argument here is that extensive social safety nets has rendered the Swede too reliable on the government, and thus killed our ability to rely on each other. Is it just me or is that some absolute doomer "we live in a society"-level conspiracy drivel? Like, it just kills any fucking agency of the individual!…

  • Anarchy Parlor

    Anarchy Parlor


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    20. Random country pick (Lithuania)

    Did nobody teach these damned people about never going down into stranger's basements? 3 times these morons are instructed by a total stranger in a foreign country to walk down into a basement, and they just agree. Morons.. But then again, I'd absolutely find myself walking straight into a death trap if some tall, European goth lady told me to. Maybe this is super realistic, actually.

    So the story…

  • Noroi: The Curse

    Noroi: The Curse


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    19. Blind spot

    Watching this in a sleep-deprived state may have actually worked in it's favor, at least a little bit. All the scattered segments. The audio-visual glitches. The creeping sense of dreadful evil. It has all the makings of something that feels like a wake nightmare.

    Noroi: The Curse presents itself as a documentary on the occult. We follow a Japanese journalist whose main goal in life is to find the truth, no…

  • Burning Bright

    Burning Bright


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    18. Pick based on zodiac sign (Leo)

    Damn. Reaching new lows for terrible step parents in this one, huh? "Yeah I'll just go ahead and use up all your dead mum's money to build my midlife crisis safari park."

    So basically a college-bound woman is trying to find a care facility for her autistic little brother to stay until she finishes her education. But it turns out that the money she thought was left…

  • Bad Milo!

    Bad Milo!


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    17. spookyastronauts

    A man overwhelmed by work-related stress and pressure from his family starts experiencing violent stomach pains. Naturally the cause of this is a little stomach demon. His name is Milo! Whenever things get a bit too stressful, Milo po(o)ps out and unleash hell. Will the man learn to manage his stress demon, or will Milo's reign of terror carry on?

    Now this is hardly a good film or anything of the sort,…

  • When a Stranger Calls

    When a Stranger Calls


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    16. Urban legend

    Doing a full feature film version of an urban legend intended for campfires and drunk nights at the bar is one hell of an undertaking as you just gotta throw caution to the wind as you try to figure out how the fuck you are supposed to pad everything out. It is certainly true, as most people claim, that When a Stranger Calls is at it's greatest right at the start…

  • The Charter Trip

    The Charter Trip


    As a Swede I feel quite shameful about having never seen The Charter Trip before last night. For those coming from outside of Sweden, The Charter Trip is arguably one of the most beloved comedies (or films in general) in the history of modern Swedish cinema. One of those types of films that people from a certain generation can probably quote in their sleep and which has spawned an entire batch of sequels. Well I am happy to find out…

  • The Stepfather

    The Stepfather


    Horror Hunt #47 (May 2022)

    15. Cool poster art

    That brutal opening scene instantly tells you what this is about. It's about a serial killer who operates by infiltrating single mothers and their households by showing up and looking like the ultimate dreamboat. But we all know that it is a facade. It's not a question of whether or not he is a killer, it's a question of when the killing begins.

    So this is one of those horror…