Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★½

Any film that starts off with an 8-bit Universal intro is already ahead of the game in my book, and when you pair that with director Edgar Wright then you just know there's going to be a nice trail of pop culture references to spot. There's something awesome about a film that goes all out on a hyper-styled direction, and I loved the way this one interwove elements from old-skool gaming and comics — which sounds like it could be a train-wreck, but in this case is pulled off charmingly.

The first half was fantastic, incredibly entertaining and made me chuckle heartily, while the second half suffers a little from a repetition of scenarios. All in all a highly watchable film that no doubt I'll see again (even though it kinda makes me want to punch Michael Cera in the face a few times for being such a blouse).

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