The Cabin in the Woods ★★★★

Finally. After hearing so much about (and avoiding spoilers for) Cabin in the Woods, I finally had the chance to see this last night with a small group of friends. Which, incidentally, is the best way to see this film. See it in a group, or in a theatre, because it's the kind of film that is made even greater when enjoyed as a collective experience (preferably with as little prior knowledge of the film as possible).

I have to prefix this by saying that I'm not really a horror fan, and jump easily when it comes to scary films. But even with my limited knowledge of the horror genre it was easy to enjoy the clever referencing of standard genre tropes. Somehow the twists and meta layers made the scary parts less scary and injected a humour that blended incredibly well. It is quite unlike any movie I've seen of this kind, and kudos goes to Whedon and Goddard for creating a fun, interesting film that I think will become a cult favourite and has added something new into the genre.

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