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  • Cam



    Not just waaayyy much better than the thematically similar but terribly disappointing "GirlHouse" (2014), but actually one of the best, most satisfying horror films I've seen all year. Suspenseful as fuck, excellently edited and that finale was just nerve-wracking. I had a blast with this!

  • The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


    1 or 2 episodes too long, a bit too much CGI for my taste, but overall a nice little, highly entertaining and well directed Western anthology; simply another piece of good ol' Coen-quality-work. Sadly no masterpiece though.

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  • Leatherface



    This feels like it was made in 2009, you know, the year where lots of backwoods/hillbilly, um, 'classics' like "Albino Farm", "Staunton Hill" or the unwatchable "Wrong Turn 3" were released.

    I'm a huge fan of directors Maury & Bustillo, love all of their films, I adore "Inside" and "Livid", and, yes, love even the mismarketed and slightly misunderstood "Among the Living", as well as their segment for "ABCs of Death 2".

    But this is trash. Beautifully filmed trash - but…

  • Mute


    Duncan Jones is the new Richard Kelly.