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  • Mandy



    In terms of pretentious and boring oh-so-artsy crap pretty much the same shit as "Beyond the Black Rainbow", but way... WAY worse.
    In terms of 80s retro pastiche about as irrevelant and unnecessary as "The Void", but way... WAY more annoying.
    And in terms of unbearability even more unbearable than crap like "Buckaroo Banzai".

    Every fucking scene, every fucking sequence, every single shot waaaaaayyy too fucking long. Direction is beyond awful. The dialogue is horrible. The screenplay... what screenplay? The…

  • The Predator

    The Predator

    Aside from the fact that I don't like post-90s Shane Black... goddammit, this was even worse than "AvP: Requiem". No tension, no suspense, dialogue written by a fucking teenager, CGI on a Dario-Argento's-Dracula-3D-level, too much Fred-Dekker-thinks-he's-still-a-kid shit, and... damn, treating autism, aspergers and tourette's in such a careless and insensitive way in times like these... this shocked even a cold-hearted bastard such as me. Not even my beloved 70s/80s Italians dared to be so offensive. Big budget trash.

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  • Leatherface



    This feels like it was made in 2009, you know, the year where lots of backwoods/hillbilly, um, 'classics' like "Albino Farm", "Staunton Hill" or the unwatchable "Wrong Turn 3" were released.

    I'm a huge fan of directors Maury & Bustillo, love all of their films, I adore "Inside" and "Livid", and, yes, love even the mismarketed and slightly misunderstood "Among the Living", as well as their segment for "ABCs of Death 2".

    But this is trash. Beautifully filmed trash - but…

  • Mute


    Duncan Jones is the new Richard Kelly.