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  • Gifted



    Overall, just a really good movie. Great characters, great story arc. Good cast.

  • Lion



    I started watching this during Oscar season but never finished it. I had some time to kill and decided to go back to it. Overall, the movie was good but it didn't blow me away. Yes, it's based on a true story. Yes, it was well-acted. The kids in the movie did a phenomenal job. I probably wouldn't have nominated it for an Oscar but it was still a good movie.

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  • Table 19

    Table 19


    The pacing of the movie was weird. It didn't have a traditional beginning, middle, and end. It felt like it climaxed and then ran through a bunch of backstories that didn't really move the main plotline forward. It was just there to satisfy the secondary characters. It comes back to the main characters, which ends up with a happy ending, but at a point where I really didn't care if there was one or not.

  • Kong: Skull Island

    Kong: Skull Island


    It's one of those films that you go into pretty much knowing what to expect. A pretty star-studded cast, considering it's a mindless action film. The film is colourful, the action delightful. The characters are a bit cliche. All in all, it hit the spot with no surprises.