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  • Happy Together
  • The Lovers on the Bridge
  • Taste of Cherry
  • Titane

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  • Breakfast on Pluto


  • At Eternity's Gate


  • Dumb and Dumber

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  • At Eternity's Gate

    At Eternity's Gate


    William dafoe’s feet

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    Such a lovely and authentic film, brought me to tears I loved every second of it. Sometimes films can be cliche, predictable, and doesn’t present anything new to the table. But at the same time it’s the director and actor’s job to make it feel like an original concept, and bring such realistic and human acting to a movie.

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    I cant explain how much this album/movie means to me, the beautiful visuals that Devon shows in his movie is very unsettling and beautiful at the same time, the movie really captures the aesthetic and mood of the album and I adore it for that. Jpegmafia himself said that this album is very hard to get through and it shows, it deals with hard concepts like suicide, a heartbroken man after his lover manipulated him and left him, isolation from…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1


    Haha meme song go weeeeeewoooooooo