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  • Blinkity Blank

    Blinkity Blank

    I don't know why, but watching this felt extremely important to my life. Maybe I just think in terms of colorful, cosmic birds; bird sounds; and amorphous, lineal compositions.

  • Spheres


    Probably looks a tad chintzy by today's standards, and I'm not crazy about it; but for '69 I bet it was quite adventurous and idiosyncratic. Audiovisually, an enjoyable unity of sight and sound.

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  • I'm Sorry Takashi

    I'm Sorry Takashi


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    What a protest! If this only took one night, then I have to say, "Just what are all the other filmmakers out there doing?" Like with writing, sometimes the problem in an era is just that no one (whose works have the proper amount of exposure) seems to have anything worth saying to begin with ("writers" vs. real writers).

    Much of the film is text or images of text, with the positioning, punctuation, and sentiment reflecting both the slideshow aesthetic…

  • 8½ Cars

    8½ Cars


    I personally find the central question nearly truistic, although that stems from my own take on art (I care less about the difference between art and non-art than the difference between worthwhile art and IDGAF art -- largely on the basis of formalist principles) as well as my general disengagement from identifying as or intending to be an artist.*

    I also don't quite get what Fellini has to do with this film, unless the mentioning of him is intended to…