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  • Godless



    Often a great writer turned director struggles to make the second leap. The first leap is natural to them. Everyone thinks you were born with the ability to imagine and then crash the keyboard with furious fingers until your ideas spill over the screen with a script. But then you try to take this incredible idea you’ve written and actually do the real dirty work. Taking the pedestal of director and convincing 100’s of people to understand, trust and mold…

  • Eagle vs Shark

    Eagle vs Shark


    Odd ball meets pitiful makes two peas in a pod. And that’s love don’t ya know. I really found it to be a sad commentary on what someone will put up with when they struggle to connect with others. After finally getting the attention of the one person she’s willing to step outside her comfort zone with she gets stepped on repeatedly. And the guy she’s so taken with is kind of a turd from the outset, deflating any hope…

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  • Rampage



    Not sure this even qualifies as getting it’s nose above the bar for dumb enough to be called intelligent life forms. Hands down, The Rock’s worst film. If all you want to do is destroy stuff just stay in the Furious franchise. At least they surround you with other entertaining meatheads instead of some surprisingly weak looking CGI monster’s, ham-fisted dialogue and horribly forced character development. Even with my expectations dragging it’s knuckles across the butter soaked floor it doesn’t manage to meet them.

    ranked at or very close to the bottom of

  • Dunkirk



    Christopher Nolan has crafted a masterpiece of cinema. If I could give this 6 stars I would. 
    I remember reading Alfred Hitchcock saying something to the effect "as a story teller within this visual medium we have two chief responsibilities, to manipulate time and show not tell". If you could show it without words you are responsible as a director to do so. Or else you cheat the audience he would say. Not an exact quote but that was the…