Always Be My Maybe ★★★½

Basically two stand up comedians do a one-off reality show for Netflix. Has some solid laughs with palatable chemistry between leads Ali Wong and Randall Park. All the things Netflix typically does well with the Rom-Com genre continues here. Letting the cast basically write there own parts is a huge boon to the characters considering they're both stand up comic's. And they look to be genuinely having fun with the make believe.

It's light and breezy tone take a back seat to the most important part. Keep the audience laughing. If one line, characters mannerism, or scenario doesn't land the next one is bound to. And it's well rounded with supporting characters. James Saito as Marcus's Dad is the most memorable. Often setting the stage for unease and further awkwardness that Wong and Park repeatedly fan the flames of embarrassment with. And Keanu Reeves extended cameo is one of the best drop in for a few lines and run with it I've seen in a long while. Completely taking the train off the tracks with his zen like totally out of touch with reality cool movie star persona.

It's not gonna win awards. And it's not gonna score points with your date. Well unless she didn't actually come to your house for the free Netflix. But you should get some laughs out of it. And maybe hold out a little hope for the Rom Com genre itself making a real comeback if thats your bag.

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