Blindspotting ★★★★★

Carlos López Estrada's Blindspotting is an effectively entertaining monument to social change with it's bold voice and honest message. It may feel abrasive to the uninitiated but the reality is it comes straight from the heart. It stands firm in the principles of it's fading culture and straight up respect to the viewer. The message is said with a righteous anger but doesn't volley missiles as a declaration of war on authority. It's a deep desperate breath in the hostility of a nation's unrest.

Diggs and Casal roll with street creed and a genuine charisma that's infectious. Showing us men, even hard men, have feelings that suffer. And that voice is valuable. That man has purpose. He's a brother, a son, a father and a friend. And no one should see him for what they don't understand and be okay to pass judgement. A man can change, but it's sure hard to do when he keeps getting knocked to the ground.

My favorite film (by a long shot) of 2018!

#1 on my 2018 Ranked

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