God's Pocket

God's Pocket ★★★½

About a week ago I finally got around to watching one of the last Philip Seymour Hoffman classic's, The Master. Something about a story of a cult leader that looks dangerously close to Scientology etcetera just wasn't moving the needle for me. But anyhow I did it. This isn't a rehash of my thoughts on that film but suffice to say Im thankful I got to see at least this legendary performance from Mr. Hoffman as if he was still here for me. But it got me thinking. Were not gonna get one more underrated gem, not one more indie that only the cinema snobs talk about until three years later the regular Joes start stumbling upon and ask themselves why hadn't I heard of this, this guy is great. Because he's gone. His addictions took him too early and I found myself sinking into the couch and genuinely sad for a man I didn't know beyond his repeated master works of performing art. But I don't want my first thoughts of him to be about what a shame it is he's gone. So starting with God's Pocket Im going down memory lane, visiting one of the all-time best actors of this generation, of any generation. Thank you Mr. Hoffman, for leaving us so many memorable showcases of a man's bleeding heart. For your fearless creation of such deeply human character's. God's Pocket may not have had the strongest writing but damned if you don't make it shine bright anyway.

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