It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud ★★★★½

To start, I don’t know a lick about the guitar or any musical instrument for that matter. I couldn’t tell you what a musical note says or does for the musician. Which sounds even stranger when I recall I’ve actually written lyrics for friends bands. Basically, I don’t know what it takes to play an instrument badly, let alone well. But every time I watch this documentary it gives me goose bumps. Jack White building that guitar out of a bottle, spare piece of wood and a pick up was brilliant way to start. Yes please, take it all the way back to the beginning. I couldn’t help but feel as if Jack could be perfectly content to sit there all day and strum away on this one string concoction. And darned if he wouldn’t have boiled up a classic foot stomper.

The is a short but highly effective glimpse into three passionately bleeding hearts who live and breathe music. There’s this sense they’d die without one in their hands or that they might even sleep with their guitars. Though I can’t confirm the last part. Each had to blink just to keep from having their eyes jump from their skull when another started dancing across the guitar neck with his fingers. It was a lifetime of sunken treasure vibrating across there ear drums. Ok, that’s exaggerating. But the little kid, excited like nothing else, couldn’t be contained either way.

And the music, oh my the music transports you to anyplace you want your imagination to take you. Which all seems silly because I know absolutely nothing about writing music or playing an instrument. Honestly, my pipes were deemed unworthy for public consumption long ago. But you don’t have to be a musician or have the blues for blood to appreciate these three diehard zealous hearts of music. And darned if I don’t pop this on about once a year or so and let it wash over me like good medicine.

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