The Banker

The Banker ★★

Uninspired timeline piece admirably held together by three great leads. But the whole thing is too sugar coated to make any lasting impression - according to his wife Linda (who was not in the story but was actually married to Bernard when much of his wealth was accrued) much of what is told in the The Banker is either completely false or so distorted it’s basically fiction -
Which is sad considering everything she states is a matter of public record and could have been looked up if any effort was made. 

Bernard always seems to have a leg up on the opposition without much at stake until the conclusion. The dialogue is stiffer than grandpas arthritic back. And you mean to tell me the white men are the only human beings in this story who make mistakes or have skeletons in the closet. Bernard and Joe (Anthony Mackie & Samuel L Jackson) appear to be angels in their personal and professional lives. Compared to the rest of his career Jackson comes off as boyscout. I can appreciate telling a story like this. Talk about a nasty stain on the reputation of every white man in public office during this time. But please help us connect to real flesh and blood human beings. Not just symbols of grave injustice. Perhaps it would have been better served as a mini-series.

Shame on you Apple. Not getting off to the best start with your streaming service.

Writing : I usually like to highlight one aspect of the film that stands out to me in a positive way. But I just can’t ignore the lack of research and integrity to the story crafted here. Sad what people will do in the name of the almighty dollar. This was a story that should be told. To bad it’s not very honest.
Country of Origin : U.S.
Greatest Quality : For a story that skips across the surface Jackson, Mackie and Hoult get by on pure ability.