The Hunt ★★★½

Talk about a film getting raked over the coals with bad press. More than anything showing the liberal proclivity of social media film criticism. No body says that’s wrong either. Frankly I don’t care what you call yourself or what side of the fence your on. As long as you’re honest. But I think this gets a bad rap for simply having bad taste. But how often does a film say some nasty things about people and get back slaps and high fives galore as long as it’s all true, well at least in the neighborhood of truth. Ahh heck as long as people like what they’re saying about the person is more on point. And make sure the finger is pointed at the right people for goodness sake. The Hunt doesn’t hold back. It gives everyone the middle finger. It’s foul, perhaps politically wrong in too many ways to count. But you can’t fault them for keeping it real. It’s a bloody twisted satire going full tilt until the final bell. Oh and let me tell you about that final round. Cat fight for the ages.

Attitude : Leading contender and ultimate bad ass, Betty Gilpin brings this home like a freight train going off the rails full throttle.
Country of Origin : U.S.
Greatest Quality : Not sure it’s a quality but no people group or social standing is safe from the harsh criticism that all of us fall short no matter what camp you call home. I think MichaelEternity said it best. This may become a cult classic 10 years down the road.

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