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  • Venom


    What was i expecting from this movie but exactly what I got? This seems like those super-hero movies before all this new funny-side-movies-thor-like movies (In which I include one that I enjoyed King Arthur). Venom takes himself too serious and that's simply his mistake.
    I was interested in the movie for one reason only: Venom (from the comics) is a great character. I would really enjoy a good movie about it. But what you get is not a great movie…

  • BlacKkKlansman



    I didn't watch the trailer but I was hyped. I liked that funny looking poster and all the jokes it seemed to promise about a real problem: racism. I was ashamed that somebody was so dull to make a movie about that subject and touched such cliché and looked over things. I'm not even going to talk about image and technical stuff (not that good, but not horrible). I was wondering while watching: what do women think about this super…