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  • Beyond the Black Rainbow


  • Burning


  • Generation Kill


  • Flatliners


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  • Beyond the Black Rainbow

    Beyond the Black Rainbow


    I wanted story and substance. This was a moving painting with art that impressed about 20% of the duration(probably too generous).
    Maybe if you lived in the early 80s as an adult you would love the nostalgia or something, sadly I didn't.

  • Burning


    This movie have flavour you might like, sadly it was waaay too watered down for me.
    Some people look for hidden meanings/twists and this movie got those spice grains sprinkled in this extremely long wrapper. Sadly its already full of meat and some pieces have begun to rot.

    This movie is too long with an uninteresting main character that you start rooting for then wonder how he can even live on his own. It also boast a open/shut mystery that…