Bombshell ★★★★

Bombshell is exciting in its Sorkin-like coverage of emerging stories, back door dealings and fast-talking (though not that fast). However, I was surprised to see it was directed by a man. Not because a man cannot have empathy or compassion for the issues and conflicts in this film but because he so clearly understood and zoned in on the atmosphere of this narrative.

It is, of course, just as much a credit to the cast which is massive and unrestrained. It is blanketed by stellar performances by Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman as Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson respectively. Margot Robbie plays Kayla, a made-up character, that is based on an accumulation of a lot of real-life people. All of them are representative or different victims and types of victimization at play in the industry being exposed. It is terrifying, uncomfortable and at the same time caring and funny. It handles tone exceptionally.

Little Women was our Christmas gift but Margot Robbie sleeping with Kate McKinnon in this movie and still saying she's not gay was a nice little toast to the new year and we should all be blessed in the new year.

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