Your Name. ★★★★

Besides being undeniably beautiful, one of the things I truly liked about this film was how it handled the bodyswapping concept in an original way; injected it with loads of different substances and shaped into an intriguing story. It's thematically rich and that fits the really saturated visual style, although there are times where the beauty almost overshadows whats happening beneath.
There were definitely areas where I felt it was drawn out and where it could've been a lot tighter. And it does get quite melodramatic towards the end, and frustrating, but in a good way.

Checking IMDb, I also found out that they're going to do an American live-action remake of this. That'll be... interesting, as always when this happens. While the story itself is both universal as well as anchored in Japanese religion and spiritualism, and the visuals serving as an important and radiant partner, they are by no means inseparable. But yet these types of remakes still tends to loose their special touch and essence when switching forms.

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