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  • Extraction



    The first act of Extraction will have you questioning why we haven’t gotten more of the action hero Chris Hemsworth and less of the goofball Chris Hemsworth.

    Extraction is a culture shock to many considering we are use to seeing Hemsworth yucking it up in bad comedies such as Ghostbusters 2016 and the Men In Black reboot. Even Hemsworth’s maystay character of Thor has been downgraded to a comedy act in the last few years. When you have the look,…

  • Love Wedding Repeat

    Love Wedding Repeat


    Love Wedding Repeat is one of those film with such a zany premise, there was no way anyone in Hollywood came up with this idea. To the surprise of no one, the film is based on the 2012 french film, Plan de Table. What the film lacks in originality is makes up in a enjoyable banter.

    The multiverse theory suggests that one small change creates a number of alternative realities that radically alters the future of multiple individuals without even…

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  • Hustlers



    Do you hate capitalism?

    Do you love feminism?

    Do you hate Wall Street?

    If you do, you will LOVE this film…if not, there is NOTHING for you here.

    Hustlers is producer Adam McKay’s latest “Wall Street is bad” film project where a bunch of strippers rob people who progressives believe are responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. The idea of the film is “well, they ‘robbed’ us, so it’s okay to rob them because capitalism is bad”. So from the…

  • No Safe Spaces

    No Safe Spaces


    If the progressive left doesn’t find your values to be as moral as theirs, you are not allowed to express them. You are not allowed what is guaranteed through the first amendment…the freedom to say and express yourself however you want. Now while many will try to claim that this is paranoid whining, the latest article from the Washington Post which was published in the same week of this film’s release only further confirms what the true endgame is, the…