It Chapter Two ★★½

This is a disappointing film, not bad but it is definitely not what you have been waiting two years to see. You get some disturbing imagery which accounts for the majority of the scares. The cast is well-acted and is easy the best part of the film. The fundamental problem is that it is almost impossible to sell the film's ending without having it come off as extremely corny. The film knows this as it references the fan reaction to the original miniseries yet despite knowing that you have a bad ending that you have a chance to do better with, it was STILL not much better than what you had. Then you have the film's second act...

For a runtime of almost 3 hours, there is about an hour sequence of Pennywise faking out our heroes in an increasingly predictable style. We seriously didn't need every single cast member getting their shit in because it becomes so tired that the bit losing it punch very quickly, and this happens for an hour. The shoehorn theme of small-town homophobia comes off an outdated as hell, especially in current day rainbow flag twerk parade era of society.

This film needs improvement and about 50 minutes cut out of it.

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