Midsommar ★★★★½

There's something so thrilling about watching a horror movie like this that leaves some people in the auditorium grumbling about how crazy it is and others walking out, not to mention the overall tone of 'what the hell did I just watch?' as people filed out. This film is horrifying in how straight forward everything plays, but the vast majority of it is psychological. What holds all the strands together is the central performance by Florence Pugh, who was perfect as the broken and raw woman at the start of the film who takes this journey with her boyfriend and his friends. By the time we get to the last frame, I was grinning ear to ear with the way her character transformed. Brilliant music, brilliant set design and costume design. Brilliant casting all around, and brilliant directing by Ari Aster. There's just one character action taken in the film that I really struggled with because it seemed so forced, but it's a pretty easy one to get past. All in all, this is one I'll be thinking about for a while.

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