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  • State Like Sleep

    State Like Sleep


    hey you know what? I didn't think this was too bad.

    it's really about grief and letting go and how people look for meaning in things to give themselves purpose, and how life won't wait for you to decide to move on.

    it would have been *really* good if it was a straight up romance movie with Katherine Waterston and Michael Shannon (and more depth to the main character beyond a dead husband) but I digress.

  • The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

    The Amazing Johnathan Documentary


    A documentary about documentaries and reconsidering the relationship of documentarian and subject.

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  • Whiplash



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    **Spoilers** and such:

    First things first: "Do I look like a double fucking rainbow?" is one of the single funniest pieces of dialogues I have ever experienced in a movie theater. It almost took me out of the scene because I couldn't stop laughing. Good. Glad we cleared that up.

    This is the second film I've seen this year with themes revolving around passion and inspiration, the first being Frank. The two films are two sides of the same coin:…

  • Sheikh Jackson

    Sheikh Jackson



    Great character study about unresolved trauma, identity, and maturing beyond simple concepts of black-and-white good and evil. Secularism vs religion takes a big backseat and is mostly besides the point.

    Funny how a plot point is that the main character couldn't cry anymore because boy I sure did!!

    Give this writer/director a Hollywood budget and they'd make a masterpiece.