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  • Molly's Game

    Molly's Game


    For the first 80% it's The Wolf of Wallstreet but with a female lead, and then the last 20% it's The Wolf of Wallstreet but for women. The former is much less bullshit than the latter.

  • Wonder



    There are a couple of very powerful plot points that make it worth seeing, which is the only reason it's not 1 star. The scoring is pretty bad, the dialogue is cliche, some of the child actors are cringe-inducingly bad at acting, and overall the direction is just bad. I will say that the camera work is slightly better than what I expect from Hollywood as of late, but it's still not very impressive.

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  • Burlesque



    It's like if Magic Mike were made for people who are attracted to straight people and if it were actually a quality film.

  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    Film is dead. This is legitimately the worst movie that I've ever seen. The writing, camerawork, directing, acting, and every other element of film-making, are all exactly _passable_ and nothing more. The dialogue cliches were spaced evenly, so as to draw attention to their existence throughout. Every plot point was either completely predictable, or so far out of left field that it didn't fit. The only character with any depth or development what-so-ever is the main character, who started with…