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  • Dredd



    Don't let the trashy look fool you. This action movie has an incredible sense of flow and pacing. The action isn't super loud, it's the scenes in between that are calm. Not many action movie directors and editors get that.

    The CGI looks like the cutscene from a video game and I wish they'd gone further with their budget limitations, exaggerate the style even more like Speed Racer, but it's fine when you get used to it. The slow-mo scenes…

  • Ant-Man



    This is the kind of super hero movie they made in the early 2000's... just a small (no pun intended) story that works without sequels. But this story is a bit too small.

    Between the bland cinematography, the lack of actually well thought out visual gags or a plot that mostly consists of montages there's not much room for the characters.

    It's cool that Marvel made this silly hero work within their universe, but it's overall pretty forgettable.

    Scott Langs daughter is the best part.

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  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    Just the story of a simple man who goes through hell to realize he never said sorry to his wife.

  • The Martian

    The Martian


    Starts out like a BBC feature with a narrator trying to tell you that science is cool. Every single narrative choice tells instead of showing.