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  • Crimes of the Future


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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    "There's a great future in plastics. Think about it. Will you think about it?" -The Graduate

    Viggo clears his fucking throat a lot. Typical Cannes festival hyperbole regarding the gross out factor. I was waiting for something far more visually disturbing. A bit tryhard maybe, especially for the festival crowd still high on Titane's body shaming freakshow. Cronenberg may have some new vices, but he's mainly relying on his old tricks. Less compelling than his rawer, less performative and more…

  • Living To Die

    Living To Die


    Director and co-star Wings Hauser takes care of himself a bit here, fashioning an explicit love scene between himself and the always lovely Darcy DeMoss. Hauser balances things a bit by allowing Asher Brauner to generously chew scenery throughout this early DTV thriller. Brauner also gets that really "nice" finishing punchline that several fellow Letterboxers already mentioned.

    DeMoss has always been a favorite of mine and she is uninhibitedly sexy in lingerie. Hauser's direction could've maybe used more flair as…

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  • Sabotage



    Blissfully gritty and violent combination of pulp action and neo noir. It's the strongest in a string of distinguished work since Schwarzenegger has returned to movies. This is David Ayer's uncompromising reaction to The Expendables and it's not for wimps. Olivia Williams and Mireille Enos turn in exciting gender-defying performances as the hard-boiled women trapped in this nightmare of throbbing, reckless machismo.

  • Aquaman



    Hollywood really seems to want to fuck fish lately. Aren't we even getting a rehash of The Little Mermaid soon?

    The saddest truth is that Aquaman is no longer just an Entourage gag. It's now an actual joke that imagines James Cameron's Avatar as it might've been cloned by George Lucas during his prequel phase. The filmmakers seem to reference Lucas's empire multiple times, especially with all the political mumbo jumbo and silly underwater creatures. Hell, we even get Django…