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This review may contain spoilers.

I so wish that this was a theatrical release, just so that poster could be prominently displayed in multiplexes and other public spaces with proximity to social distancing markers.

SBC serves up a salty satirical dish that takes no prisoners, and spares no Faucis or Trudeaus. Non-PC and grotesquely offensive, with a clear leftist leaning that is certain to divide opinions Some of the film's intended marks emerge as likable foils and tremendously patient. Cohen is sporting enough to let them occasionally shine, but he's after bigger political game and he's not looking to play fair when it comes to the upper crust of his ideological rivals. Like the British provocateur and documentarian Nick Broomfield, Cohen is fascinated by what he perceives to be the filthier aspects of American culture and has a deep, almost fetishistic need to insert himself into it. Literally and figuratively. Like it or not, Cohen's become a household name because of that impulse.

Rudy G. would be best to let this one go, though. Borat deceptively saves the former NYC Mayor from a moment that could have easily overshadowed Jeffrey Toobin's harrowing weenie roast from earlier this week. However, I'm not totally convinced that everyone here wasn't in on the joke. Either way, you have to wonder if Joe Biden would have behaved any more respectfully had a beautiful young woman posing as a reporter continually flattered, teased and touched him so provocatively. Come on, man. JoJo would happily be forgetting what state he was in. I think we need to see the outtakes before we protest too much. Admit it Sacha and company, y'all weren't going to let Rudy out of there until your hired temptress secured the money shot. Hell or high water, Borat's making moviefilm that's niiicee.

The really chilling aspect of this scene is that we're so easily led by the salacious sting op that we ignore the real elephant in the room...and it is not in Rudy's pants. It's the fact that one of the President's closest advisors thought he was speaking off the record when he said, "China manufactured the virus and spread it all around the world." That is the "gotcha" moment we should be talking about. 7.1/10

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