Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

Watching it this time during a live commentary screening, so was a bit distracted. My attention was pulled back hard any time that Rita/Camilla appeared in this. This time I was totally taken with former Miss USA, Laura Harring.I guess I'm leaving my Betty phase and going all in on team Veronica. Seriously, Harring is one fine ass woman even if she insisted on blurring out her pubes for home video. I think a big key to its success it how much it caters to male lesbian fantasies. The movie flew by and revealed even more connections to Lynch's other worlds this time, especially Twin Peaks. This is my first watch since experiencing the TV pilot cut a few years ago. I still think that we were robbed of a potentially much richer work when that wasn't picked up. However, this one deserves its hype among cinefile elites. 9.5/10

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