The Dirt ★★★★

Girls! Girls! Girls!

That wild POV sequence that climaxes with Tommy Lee being knocked out and handcuffed to a bed (by his manager) is solid gold. I had a flashback to Kip Pardue's joyfully drug-fueled European vacation in The Rules of Attraction. Surprisingly, the flick offers up more heart and better performances than the more white-washed and cynical, Bohemian Rhapsody. Another Netflix original emerges from nowhere and drops the needle hard on its theatrical competition. It has the steady pace and reckless furor of an exhilarating rock concert, and I'm guessing that's everything a starved Crüe fan wants right about now. I love that the whole band was involved in the production; they sure let their hair down for this one. The boys do play dirty but Ozzy Osbourne is the most nasty ass fucker on display. It's a short bit but you can't unsee it. 8.5/10

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