Soham Gadre

Soham Gadre

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  • El sur
  • Under the Blossoming Cherry Trees
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
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  • Blaga's Lessons


  • Plane


  • The Taste of Things


  • Afire


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  • Blaga's Lessons

    Blaga's Lessons


    A preposterous plot that nevertheless initially is pretty entertaining, but completely undoes everything it builds towards with a cheap and extremely mean rug-pull for the shock value. Kinda pissed off I spent two hours on this movie

  • Husbands



    It's weird how the premise makes it seem like (to me and my tastes) this would be Cassavetes's best film, but it's actually very much his least good and least interesting.

Popular reviews

  • CODA


    Look, if you're gonna start treating Disney Channel after-school schlock as Oscar-worthy, you might as well go back in time and give LIZZIE MCGUIRE a Best Pic nomination too, it's only fair.

  • Nasir



    A challenging study of character and one's place in society. The movie is as comprehensive and articulate a visual depiction of the broad spectrum of racist thought and action, from microaggression to genocide, as has been put to film at least in this century.