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  • Friends (With Benefits)

    Friends (With Benefits)

    Surprised this was released in 2009 as its feel was so 90s.

    The main love story worked but unfortunately everything else was unconvincing. Since when do internet porn performers need a guy to film them? And even if it were an actual job you wouldn't bring your friends to the workplace to slag off your colleagues. Also, how much do dental hygienists earn that they can afford therapy three times a week?

  • Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance

    Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance


    March Around the World 2018 #18 Canada

    Chosen because I came across INDIGENOUS CINEMA: A MASTER LIST a couple of months ago which added several films to my watchlist.

    There are so many powerful moments in the film. I was especially moved when one woman described how she'd been brought up pacifist but had since learned that she needed to be prepared for violence as she knew her life was in danger.

    It's truthful but not too grim and very…

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  • Titanic


    Today marks the 5000th day I've been with my partner. I was going to celebrate by writing about a film we shared and loved together but instead I'll write about our meeting.

    In 1997-1998 I worked in a cinema ostensibly to save money for university but I actually spent it all on booze. We persuaded a colleague to hold an Oscar night party and so my workmates and I watched the 1997 Oscars together. One workmate brought a friend who…

  • The History Boys

    The History Boys


    Bizarre film in which a witty script is undermined by the message that the very best, most inspirational teachers fondle their students.

    It did make me want to watch Brief Encounter again though.