Scream ★★★★★

Still as electric as ever after eight viewings, Scream works as both a slasher film and a movie about the movies. The dialogue is excellent with characters so obsessed with cinema that they call life "one big movie, only you can't pick your genre" and who describe their relationships as being PG or PG-13. The way cinema intrudes upon their fate here is well handled too, from the characters reciting the rules of surviving a horror movie (only to promptly ignore them), to the editing of the "obligatory topless scene" to Neve Campbell's "not in my movie" line when she assumes control of the horror film she finds herself trapped in. Knowing Ghostface's identity makes the movie a richer experience each time too as Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson drop so many subtle clues. The film is also incredibly funny and just as hilarious as it is scary.

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