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  • i thot i wuz free

    i thot i wuz free


    I find this work and others by video artist and digital painter Petra Cortright, both revolutionary and groundbreaking. One immediate reason being the removal of the artist/muse complex, by being her own muse - something I cannot help but find deeply feminist. Another reason is that Cortright is filming and editing her piece in real time and responding to what she sees onscreen, as it is happening at that moment. 

    Shot on a webcam and broadcast online (before later being displayed…

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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    A fantastic character study exploring the American youth, with themes of anti authority, anti military from the point of view of someone who contradicts this viewpoint, as they try to right their wrongdoings. It also explores how a world without a god, can be just as detrimental as a world with one. There is subtle religious subtext and an interesting Jesus allegory, which subverts the typical formula of how the metaphor is often used in film. Also, this movie is visually breathtaking.

  • Girl


    WTF is this description? A GIRL, BORN IN A BOY’S BODY? I have reported this to Letterboxd. Also, trans genital mutilation as trans representation, urghh.