Get Out

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I had to get out of the room and take a deep breath in order to write a review about "Get Out". Because it was intense and suspense. The movie might seem like a thriller/horror film at first. But it is more than that. It is a political satire of racism. So while it feels thrilling and unsettling, it makes you think about liberal racism for the entire movie. It also makes you question whether most people are as genuine and humane as they seem. There is one more thing though. It is how dangerous hypnosis can be. Even the thought of having your mind controlled by someone else and trying to avoid being brainwashed is quite frightening.

A lot of thought were put into the script. It sets a great example of genius brand storytelling. Well, the fear of not being able to get out of a house in which you are imprisoned as a potential transhuman experimentation subject is quite scary. However, the fear of living in a society that might think like those experimenters, who lack of humanity, is much scarier. Therefore, this movie conveys a social message to the audience, to the world. It is not a regular thriller film. It is a social thriller.

"The Killing of a Sacred Deer" actually happens in "Get Out". Deer is not only a metaphor but it is also an animal, a victim, a bust wall sculpture and a weapon. Deer is everything. Pay close attention to deer in every single scene. Because it is absolutely sacred in this movie. I think, it is safe to say when there is a deer featured in a movie, it would be smart to expect lots of creepiness.

The directing is excellent. The face-offs and the close-ups are meant to create anxiety in the audience. The acting is so good. The actors are great at conveying emotions via facial expressions, verbal language and body language. They all are in character and they all are in complete sync with each other and the director during the entire film.

"Get Out" definitely lives up to the hype and totally deserves it. It is not just Chris Washington who has to get out. All of us have to get out of any place that screams racism, fetishism and objectification, and transhumanism.

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