Knives Out ★★★★

Carve out twists and turns, drizzle with humor, add a few more twists, and you have Knives Out

This film is highly effective in its purpose of creating mystery and humor throughout its course. My one qualm with its formula however would be the redundancy of scenes which compromised the feeling that the story is moving forward for me at times. Although repeating a scene several times and slowly trickling new insight about the mystery or characters through such a method does further the plot and allow for tension to build — it grew somewhat tiresome watching characters repeat past actions over and over.

I respect this film for being bold (yet holding to a rather classical whodunit approach), which I presume others will inevitably compare to classics such as Clue.

Well made, Knives Out does stand on its own, but it never quite shined the way I had hoped it would.