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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    This is easily Adam Sandler's worst film and gets my vote for worst of 2019! He doesn't have any business playing the bad guy and the few bright spots are when he is being genuine. Ok, he isn't that awful but...
    Some people actually paid money to go see this and thought it was good. I'm glad I didn't!

    The story and especially the ending left me feeling nothing for the character but contempt. If they wanted to tell a…

  • Drug War

    Drug War


    I was expecting a violent stupid action film and this is quite a bit different. It's kind of like a Jason Bourne spy cop suspense film from the 90's. I did enjoy the action once it picked up but I'm Not sure about the ending, what was the point of all the setup if that is how it ends? No resolution really at all for anybody. Maybe that was the point?

    I do like the directors style and maybe I'll…

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  • Joker



    It's 80's nostalgia at it's finest and actually looks the part. A lot of films get this wrong by setting the time period correctly, put all the pieces together but polish everything to the point it doesn't seem believable. They did a great job of portraying a gritty world and feel with the color and film quality. The story is good, Phoenix gives it his all and it's a pretty good movie.

    What I didn't like(skip this next part if…

  • Siren



    Kind of stupid plot but light enough that it was entertaining. I have no reason to ever watch it again.