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  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


  • Times Square


  • Brubaker


  • Bullet Train


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  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    Is it derivative? Of course. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    Like many other fans of the first Wonder Woman, I was very much looking forward to this sequel. Sadly, it's a bit of a disappointment. There's fun to be had in its individual parts but overall it's a mess.

    Most of the issues for me lie in bringing back Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Everything about it is a rehash of his and Diana's story in the first film. It doesn't provide her any development that couldn't have been done…

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  • Tenet



    He's gotten close before but I feel this is the movie where Christopher Nolan fully disappeared up his own ass. The plot of this is utter nonsense and in no way is able to be explained without causing a brain aneurysm. Everything is too obtuse for it’s own good. Characters are paper thin and people still only speak in exposition. Action scenes in the second half are almost incomprehensible and Nolan’s penchant for unintelligible dialogue is on full display. Can’t…

  • Critters



    Once this movie gets going with crike shenanigans, it's pretty fun. Getting there is a bit of an issue, it lacks forward momentum for most of it. enough fun supporting characters to keep things entertaining. Bland leads, besides Scott Grimes, hinder it a little.