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  • Before We Vanish

    Before We Vanish

    Maybe it is better for us to eliminate the notion of “us” and the “other” in our collective unconscious...

  • The Wandering Earth

    The Wandering Earth

    This was a good reminder about why I tend to avoid Chinese blockbusters. It certainly had its moments with some great visuals and unintentionally funny preposterous narrative, but I think I'll stick with the films of the Sixth Generation.

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  • Parasite


    Parasite deserves all the praise that it’s getting. It is a triumph of socially-aware storytelling, genre bending filmmaking and biting social satire that delivers on all its promises. Bong Joon-ho has an excellent use of geography to visually symbolise the class divisions, almost from the first 5 minutes. The dialogue is absolutely loaded with sharp, insightful black humour. Some of the motifs, especially one involving a smell is so perfectly conceived of that it illustrates the notion of social divisions…

  • Parasite


    On the second viewing, I gained an even greater appreciation of how well Parasite delivers on all its ambitions. Bong Joon Ho somehow manages to incorporate trickle down economics into a tension-creating narrative twist and a source of horror. The reveal of the husband in the underground bunker is played out almost like a moment of horror from the perspective of Choong-sook and her family. The audience is disturbed by the maniacal tendency of the husband to worship Mr Park…