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  • American Eagle

    American Eagle


    Vernon Wells is at his best when he's kidnapping the loved ones of former comrades in arms.

    If your fondest memories of Commando (1985) are Arnold Schwarzenegger being in it, Bill Duke being thrown through a hotel room startling Ava Cadell, and Bennett letting off steam........ then American Eagle completely misses the mark on its Commandosploitation. Wells is good in it though.

    While looking up the background for Living to Die, I noticed that antagonist Asher Brauner had a few…

  • Living To Die

    Living To Die


    ...With a name so catchy PM Entertainment commissioned Jastereo Coviare to write lyrics set around it for the following year's East L.A. Warriors transcribed here.

    This is one of three films that star Wings Hauser directed for Pepin & Merhi, and his stamp is all over it. If a woman is doing an interpretive dance that borders on ballet in an establishment that looks suspiciously like a honky tonk bar, you'd better believe Hauser is the boisterous laugh coming from the…

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  • Headhunter



    Two detectives - Wayne Crawford (Barracuda) and Kay Lenz (House) investigate a serial killer decapitating his victims in Miami's Nigerian immigrant community, despite having zero support from their racist superior Steve Kanaly (Dillinger). This plays out against Crawford's wife (played by his Evil Below love interest, June Chadwick) leaving him for another woman, and him crashing on Lenz's couch much to the aggravation of her boyfriend. These personal details feel more like talking points for the buddy cop dynamic, but…

  • 3:15



    So... apparently my most watched actor of last year was Michael Winslow... and that's without even finishing the second season of Detective ExtraLarge. God damned Police Academy marathon.

    In an effort to hedge my bets early so that I don't have to stress about how many John Moschitta, Jr. films I've come across in 2019, I've decided to watch as many Wayne Crawford flicks as possible. I found him thoroughly engaging in Barracuda and The Evil Below so he seems…