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  • American Rickshaw

    American Rickshaw


    I know the term GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME gets thrown around so often it sounds sarcastic......... so let's do the math.

    -1984 U.S. Olympic gold medalist (gymnastics) Mitch Gaylord, inventor of The Gaylord Flip and The GayLord II, takes time out of his busy schedule advertising for Vidal Sassoon and Playboy to be reinvented into an action star by Sergio Martino...
    -The first person Mitch demonstrates his superior athleticism on is a woman he RIGHT HOOKS. He will later…

  • Sweet Home

    Sweet Home


    “Jill, here’s a lock pick. It might come in handy if you - the master of unlocking - take it with you.”
    -Barry Burton


    Sweet Home is oddly reminiscent of the 1982 American classic, but less for the third act giant monster, and more for the perceived battle for creative control between producer and director. While most arguments these days recognize Poltergeist as Tobe Hooper’s work over being a glorified second unit for Steven Spielberg, the same is not…

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  • Shiri



    For many, Shiri was the introduction to South Korea's cinema. Following the countries late 90s economic boom, the industry tried its hand at a Hollywood style blockbuster - and the resulting effort acted as a calling card for the country with guns blazing. Eventually the non-festival circuit would clue into the Bong Joon-hos and Park Chan-Wooks, but there were a few years there where this was the one Korean film you could count on your local chain video store to…

  • Natural City

    Natural City


    How many Bladerunner ripoffs have you seen?

    I've lost track myself - but of the dozens with familiar synthetics, there are many that bring far less to the table than Natural City (including 2049). I mention this because some trollish douche felt the need to add Phillip K. Dick as an uncredited author on its imdb. Those interested in the crew of Korean films will have much better luck with KMDB and Hancinema than the minimal skeletons that IMDB offers.…

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