Dracula 2000 ★½

So apparently this has sequels, and one of them features Rutger Hauer, so I am revisiting this for the first time since it was in theatres. ...I do not have especially fond memories of that experience.

Making this difficult is that I genuinely like director Patrick Lussier and writer Joel Soisson, who were the cornerstones of Dimension’s DTV horror output in the first decade of 2000. The two had previously collaborated on the third Prophecy film, and a third act religious twist involving Dracula’s identity makes this film feel like a Prophecy entry despite the vampire trappings. Dracula 2000 still has moments that highlight the duo’s skills, but despite having a budget that would put many of their subsequent works to shame, it is problematic. Between script doctors and studio interference, no doubt to get the “Wes Craven Presents” moniker off the ground, I choose to rest its many faults on outside factors.

Even if his Scottish accent creeps in once or twice, this is before he bulked up to be an action star, so Gerald Butler makes a pretty prince of darkness. Jonny Lee Miller is an equally model looking vampire hunter. They should have a pose off without mirrors. Dracula 2000 features an all star cast, usually a good thing, but in the case of Danny Masterson as comic relief – you lose any sense of escapism, his afro walking right off the set of his popular television series of the time. This is a movie. The other actors don’t fare much better, with Omar “fortunate I had that fake eye prop in case I lost my real eye, now I’m going to pretend to be a wino to get the drop on you” Epps in his most thankless role. Structurally, half the film takes place over the period of a single night – and with the principles doing all their interacting on that evening, it makes the grand gestures in their relationships both suspect and comical.

The best thing I can say about Dracula 2000 is that Jennifer Esposito is my favorite Bride in any vampire film, its just a shame her appearance had to be in this one.

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