I Was Born, But...

I Was Born, But...

It might not always come across on here, but I'm a classic film loving Japanophile.

...I just spend all my time watching DTV 90s action, because those films feature a large void of discourse. Not that my reviews are insightful, but if I can shed some light on a Daniel Bernhardt explosion that might not be otherwise accounted for - I prefer using my time for that, than covering a celebrated classic or big budget blockbuster that dozens of books, hundreds of blogs and thousand other members have already mined out.

"LOCAL BOY WATCHES SEQUEL TO MANK: A5V7 how is this torrent a cam copy when we don't even have theatres?!"

That is my PM Entertainment snobbery. It's not an overly attractive quality, I'll admit, but it is consistent. So while my happy place is kicking back with High and Low, I choose not to write about it here. This is not admitted to in order to belittle or badmouth those that are more comfortable in their writing habits (everyone)... it just informs my own.

So Ozu's I Was Born, But... was rewatched for the collab film group.

Hot Take: Criterion has a habit of distributing quality films.

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