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  • TEKKEN: The Motion Picture
  • TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance
  • Tekken
  • TEKKEN: A Man Called X
  • Art of Fighting

New Year, Old Business

43 films

Odds and ends that I was planning to get around to usually based on a challenge, holiday, or random compulsion…

  • Memories of Murder
  • The Host
  • Joint Security Area
  • Oldboy
  • Parasite

South Korea Cinema - K-Crush

257 films

At the moment, I'm on a South Korean kick. Here I'm ranking films watched in order of personal enjoyment, as…

  • Illusions
  • Grace Jones: A One Man Show
  • Barbarosa
  • Before the Nickelodeon: The Cinema of Edwin S. Porter
  • The Birth of the Goalie of the 2001 F.A. Cup Final

1982 - A Birth Year Challenge

82 films

Though late enough to the party that I'll be working towards my 2022 Birthday for this challenge, I join Christian…

  • Kate Bush: Christmas TV Special
  • Christmas Comes to Pac-land
  • The Private Eyes
  • Spinach Greetings
  • The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree

My Holiday Spirit is a Dead Horse, and these films are the stones I fling at it to check for a pulse: Nutmeg Toxic Shock 2022

16 films

Still not really feeling the holidays this year, but I am nothing if not committed to running gags. From Wikipedia:…

  • The Revenge of Frankenstein
  • Quatermass 2
  • The Brides of Dracula
  • Dracula
  • The Witches

Hammer Horror and other Kate Bush medleys... ranked

45 films

Last Halloween I watched Hammer’s Horror output in rapid succession... here is a ranked list based on the sudden rush…

  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
  • X
  • The Green Slime
  • The Toxic Slime Creature
  • Litan

Don't Go Near Letterboxd - A Season of Fear

71 films

Autumn means that Cinemonster's Hooptober is once again in full swing. Those that dig year round chills have been slashing…

  • Wild Horses
  • Rio Diablo
  • Old Henry
  • The Shooter
  • Gallowwalkers

Back in the Saddle - My 2022 Western Trail

48 films

Life on the range weren't all kimchi and BTS, sometimes we'd stop to count the tumbleweeds and die of dysentery.

  • Mack the Knife
  • The Addams Family
  • Florida Straits
  • Down Came a Blackbird
  • The Penitent

The Films of Raul Julia

16 films

The list ranks the appearances of the late great Raul Julia. This is based on the quality of the parts…

  • Angels of the City
  • Buck and the Magic Bracelet
  • Midnight Warrior
  • L.A. Vice
  • Epicenter

PM Entertainment Ranked By Sheer Awesomeness

41 films

Here I rank PM films I've enjoyed since starting Letterboxd. Your results may vary.

  • Project: Shadowchaser
  • Armstrong
  • Blood Warriors
  • Operation Delta Force
  • The Revenger

The Platinum Blonde Fury of Frank Zagarino

29 films

Ranking the cinema of Nu Image leading man – and definitive Cyborg knockoff – Frank Zagarino.

Links to my reviews…

  • Grizzly
  • Day of the Animals
  • Mako: The Jaws of Death
  • Chosen Survivors

Day of the Jaeckel - Richard Jaeckel fights wild life to mixed results

4 films

It's a niche. Also a work in progress so if he gets bit by a Red Pony, accidentally shoots a…

  • X-15
  • Casino Royale
  • Escape to Victory
  • Cuba
  • The Valachi Papers

American Tiger XIX: Woovember V [COMPLETE]

58 films

Woovember does for action in November, what Hooptober does for Horror in October. It still has the insanely high body…