A Man Escaped ★★★★½

5 Directors, 25 Films - Vol. II - Film #7/25
Director: Robert Bresson (Film #1/5)

On the surface, A Man Escaped looks like just another prison escape film. But as you watch it, it becomes abundantly clear that this is the prison escape film. Every other one could disappear off the face of the planet and it wouldnt matter because this is so far and away the best ever made. Robert Bresson's subtle but masterful direction and script creates tension even in the most mundane of situations in this prison. His utter perfection in nearly every aspect is leading me to believe I've found another one of my favourite directors after only one film. The film ends the only way it possibly could, with all the tension and suspense that had been built up suddenly releasing, allowing you to take your first deep breath in an hour and forty minutes.