Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★

I really didn’t enjoy this movie. I LOVE the later Harry Potter movies but I can’t just jump in. I always have to go back to the beginning and each time I like this film less. Some of the CGI isn’t great, even for the time period it’s made in. It feels a little too twee. I know they were building the franchise and all the leads were just kids etc but that doesn’t make it a better movie. It just helps explain why this one isn’t that good. I think what this film failed to do but the others managed to do was involve the wider cast of professors more. Potter boasts a talented cast of people around Potter and the gang and the other movies really incorporate them into the film. This one keeps them on the periphery, but in doing so it loses some of its charm. The only person who really comes out of the film with real praise is Coltrane who nails Hagrid from day one and continues to the the heartbeat of the movie.

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