Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

First time watching it on DVD. A proper rewatch. It was so much better than I remembered at the cinema. I laughed out loud so much. It was nice to just have fun with a Marvel movie again. Nothing wrong with the seriousness of Captain America and the like, but I really enjoyed this. Hemsworth has really found Thor's character with the blend of brooding prince, rouge like warrior and arrogant alpha male. Finally a Thor that is more than a "would be king".

I dont want to give too much away if any havent seen it, because it really is that much fun so a few quick highlights...

Banner/Hulk was a bundle of fun.
Valkyrie is a brilliant addition.
Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster is perfect casting.
Korg - man, I wish there was so much more Korg.
Soundtrack - all the fun parts of Tron
Visually stunning and fresh - something not seen before
Loki - the brother I knew was in there

And so much more.

One thing - I loved Blanchett as Hela in the cinema yet this time she came off a little pantomimey...maybe another watch will change that...

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