Thor ★★★

I am so conflicted with this film. The script, acting and introduction of both Loki and Thor is great. As is the introduction of Selvig and the growing importance of SHIELD in the Marvel Universe. The creation of Asgard is aesthethically pleasing and generally this film is great.

So, why only 3 stars?

I love Kenneth Branagh, always have done and in terms of the character and drama of this film, even the comedy moments his choice as director was a good one. However, he isnt as adept when filming action scenes and fight scenes and like Nolan in Batman Begins we see well crafted action and fight scenes but just not filmed with enough finess to capture these action scenes well enough. In a normal film I wouldnt dock stars for this but in a Marvel movie this is a pretty big deal. For all its weaknesses the Incredible Hulk still managed to capture the action well. And I hate doing this because he also framed and shot some beautiful moments but the detraction of the action in a film like Thor is too much to overlook. An above average introduction to a characters whose Marvel journey gets worse but then gets better.

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