Upgrade ★★★★½

Ive flipped and flopped for ages about whether to watch this film or not. Finally decided to watch it and I was so pleased that I did. This is easily one of the best newer science fiction action movies we have seen. Not a sequel, prequel, or reboot, Upgrade is a new story told and directed in a fresh way. This is very worthy of your time.

The story follows a paralysed man "upgraded" to be able to walk again. I will say no more than than but needless to say the story took some good interesting turns that I was captivated by.

But it wasnt just the story that was great. The lead, Logan Marsshall-Green was superb. Embodying the character perfectly and bringing a detailed performance that brought both depth and insight.

The biggest star of the film though has to be the direction which was superb. The fight scenes particularly were fresh and exciting. The idea of attaching the camera to the phone hidden somewhere on Logans body and the camera tracked that movement was a superb idea. Keeping Logan at the centre of the frame but always just slightly off as the camera was in a different place each time. The world that has been created has been believable and the film immerses you in this world.

Why not 5 stars? Sadly the rest of the cast were just not up to the level of the star Logan Marshall-Green and this was obvious on the screen. He filled every scene but you cared little about the rest of the cast at times, largely due to their performance. This is a must watch for all sci-fi fans. You'll find it on Sky Movies at the moment in the UK.

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